Helps your body fight osteoporosis bone health in peri/post menopausal women, naturally


This natural solution boosts calcium absorption in your body to strengthen bones, treating peri & post menopausal calcium deficiency & osteoporosis.

The natural powerful extracts of Soyabean (Soya Isoflavones) and other ingredients like coral calcium, natural calcitriol & boron treat bone weakness by activating the calcium deposition on bones, raising bone mass density, and improving the calcium levels of your body.

Calquest® is naturally developed and has no side effects.

The secret to superior efficacy


In any medicinal plant just a few of its actives actually have the power to cure, we extract those powerful natural ingredients from a particular plant/fruit/seeds.

Calquest® contains a combination of naturally extracted active ingredients of Soyabean called Soya-Isoflavone.

Soya-Isoflavone from Soyabean increases the calcium deposition on the bones and reduces the breakdown of bone tissue.

Coral calcium (highly absorbable calcium), Natural Calcitriol (Active Vitamin-D3) and Boron improves the calcium levels for stronger bones in peri & post menopausal women.

AlchemLife’s plant derived treatments


AlchemLife’s plant derived extracts are the blend of nature & modern science.

All our solutions are safe for long term use. They contain powerful active ingredients which have power to cure and are developed using our proprietary technology which is the result of Alchem’s over 75+ years of experience in extracting critical plant derived pharmaceutical ingredients.

Usage and dosage

Take it when you experience the first symptoms of peri/post menopause. One capsule after a meal.

Recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules per day to see significant improvement.